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AMLP celebrates first anniversary, 124th birthday and last home of blues pioneer Sleepy John Estes

Today we're celebrating our first anniversary and the 124th birthday of blues pioneer Sleepy John Adam Estes whose last home in Brownsville, Tennessee was the inaugural location of our first initiative, the Adopt a Music Landmark program! It was launched on this day one year ago with our friends at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center, stalwart guardians of an architectural testament to the blues genre that is increasingly rare. Learn more about our successful campaign and the special people that symbolically adopted Sleepy’s last home!

The West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center invites you to celebrate with them this Saturday, January 28th at the 10th annual Sleepy John’s Country Blues Jam on the front porch of Sleepy's home, located on site alongside the Tina Turner Museum. Event information here!

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