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About Us

The American Music Landmarks Project connects music fans, music landmark operators and other advocates through unique opportunities to discover, experience and support the places that shaped US popular music history.


What is a music landmark?

The American Music Landmarks Project (AMLP) was established to generate public awareness and stewardship of currently existing buildings where US popular music history was incubated, created, performed and commercialized. Some examples of these "music landmarks" include artist homes, recording studios and performance venues that range from largely unknown and endangered properties to successfully preserved and operating heritage sites.


In addition to growing partnerships with the public and the places that tell the story of our collective music history, the AMLP seeks to recognize and engage the vital ancillary network of music heritage tourism and related interpretive programming initiatives that surround and bolster music landmarks while acknowledging sites of former buildings and structures as well as contributing cultural and natural landscapes. Products and services offered by the AMLP are intended to assist in introducing music-loving audiences to the architectural legacy of American popular music - an exciting new way for the public to experience and perceive its favorite artists and sounds through the authentic, multi-sensory experience of the interpreted historic built environment.


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