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The American Music Landmarks Project seeks to help young music fans everywhere explore unique opportunities to engage with the living blueprint of our national soundtrack and the dividing and democratizing impacts of music and architecture in US history. We believe that digital and on-site accessibility to operating music landmarks is an essential experience for today’s youth in realizing their civic superpowers and interests as emerging citizen stewards and contributors of our ongoing diverse and complex American story.  

For Civic Season 2024, we're excited to invite Gen Z to help us kick off our latest initiative Mixtape250: A Greatest Hits Celebration of Music Landmarks for America’s 250th Birthday in 2026! We’re getting a head start so we have plenty of time to build something special together that can evolve with your voice in mind. Email with your suggestions for locations, artists, genres and/or eras you'd like to see represented in our party playlist of places across the country that have been activated as music heritage sites and civic storytelling mediums. We’ll help you identify a remote/virtual or on-site Civic Season opportunity to connect with a music landmark! 

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