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ADOPTED! “Sleepy" John Estes Home and AMLP introduce new way to experience, support music landmarks

We want to thank everyone who supported the successful launch of the Adopt A Music Landmark program through their symbolic adoptions of our inaugural location, the home of blues pioneer “Sleepy” John Adam Estes! From a record store owner, filmmaker and rock historian to a music landmark operator hundreds of miles away, we had a wonderfully diverse first group of adopters represented in the areas of the coastal US (both east and west coasts), Midwest and South.

As a direct result of our adoption campaign, new interpretive signage will be installed and dedicated at the entrance of “Sleepy” John’s home. We look forward to sharing updates on that as well as adoption spotlight stories featuring our adopters’ adventures of discovery and stewardship at the singular home of this “crying” country blues master!

We are profoundly grateful to our friends and partners at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, Tennessee, for the opportunity to make this initiative an exciting reality and for helping us create a blueprint from which to grow and evolve. Thank you!

Our goal with the Adopt A Music Landmark program is to create unique and compelling opportunities for the public to connect with and support the places that shaped our collective music history - a personal endeavor that is accessible both economically and geographically from wherever you are or choose to be, whether virtually or in person!

Click the image below to learn more about our adoption kit for the “Sleepy” John Estes Home.

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