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1811/Kid Ory Historic House adopts "Sleepy" John Estes Home through Adopt A Music Landmark program

Through the American Music Landmarks Project's first initiative, the Adopt A Music Landmark program, the architectural legacies of two early 20th-century African-American jazz and blues pioneers are being brought together by a unique opportunity to support each other. The pairing was initiated by John McCusker, founder and managing director of the newly opened 1811/Kid Ory Historic House in LaPlace, Louisiana, who placed the symbolic adoption of the "Sleepy" John Adam Estes Home in Brownsville, Tennessee. Ory and Estes share many biographical similarities and we can't wait to see what unfolds from this special collaboration!

The Adopt A Music Landmark program was launched on January 25th with its inaugural location, the home of "crying" country blues master "Sleepy" John Adam Estes in celebration of his 123rd birthday. In partnership with the home's official stewards, the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville, Tennessee, the American Music Landmarks Project is offering an adoption kit featuring personalized virtual and/or in-person perks for adopters to uniquely experience and support its ongoing maintenance, preservation and interpretation. This opportunity to symbolically adopt the last home of "Sleepy" John Estes runs through February 28th.

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