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BLUEPRINT BEATS - We're tracking the pulse of activity at music landmarks across the country and want to keep the beat with you! Join us for all the latest on what’s happening at the places that shaped music history in the United States! news, your one and only source on news, events curated by us and create/host 

Exclusive content from AMLP HQ! Curated by your one and only source for all things music landmarks!

Our national inventory of music landmarks is ever-growing and evolving - join us! It began with our founder’s MA Final Project over 10 years ago. 

You have a starring role to play in helping preserve music history four walls at a time! Amplifying awareness of music landmarks Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's only membership platform dedicated to connecting people with music landmarks to create/add deeper appreciation and meaning to their fandom/the artists and genres they already love. 

Curated content 


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Rock stars aren’t only on the stage but behind the scenes! Backstage is where our VIPs / VIP all-access pass grants music fans 

Take your fandom to the next level for direct/unique encounters with the places where music history happened!

The AMLP is your first/one and only source for news, information and  opportunities to uniquely experience + support places that shaped American popular music history!

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